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I help female professionals to find their way in today’s fast-changing world.

Identify your goal and take the first step

Craft a path

Deal with the objective and perceived obstacles 

Create a meaningful life for the real you

February career relaunch groups are open to join now!

Have you lost your North Star and are not quite sure where you’re going professionally and why you’re doing what you’re doing?

Have you had a career break, moved country or simply had a change of heart and need to relaunch your career?

Do you feel like you could do more but are unsure what it is and where to start?

Are you overwhelmed by the fast changes brought up by technology and would like to future-proof your career?


The list can go on, but here’s the gist: I work with people who feel a bit stuck professionally and need a career boost. In a series of sessions, we untangle a web of passions, aspirations, fears, real and perceived limits, and realities of today’s business environment.


I use a combination of coaching, mentorship, and my knowledge of the business space and current trends to help you make a confident move.


Sounds good so far? Get in touch, and we’ll set up a

15-min commitment - free video meeting. We’ll chat and you’ll decide whether it’s for you.

Languages: English or Russian


Fees: £140/hour


*No contract – take as many or as few as you need.

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I was dwelling on the next step in my career when I decided to talk to Natalia, and I couldn't give this experience a high enough score. Not only it helped me to connect seemingly unconnected dots and transform them into a structured plan, it also left me inspired and gave me a confidence boost I didn't know I needed.

Bella, Dublin


Not knowing where to go professionally is not uncommon. Most of us don’t want just a job to pay bills; we look for self-actualisation, growth, and a match between a chosen career and our natural interests and abilities. The modern world of work offers exciting opportunities, but its complexity and intricacy often leave us puzzled: What does this job title even mean?!


The speed of technological change doesn’t make things easier – jobs can appear and then disappear within one’s professional lifetime, making it difficult to create long-term plans and stick with them. On the one hand, there are opportunities and threats created by AI. On the other hand, we live longer and stay active professionally for longer too.  As a result, lifelong learning and career transformation have turned from an indulgence enjoyed by rare few to a necessity felt by many.


This objective reality is often met by inner questions and doubts: Are my skills enough? Am I too old for a change? What if I leave the safety of my unfulfilling job and the new path will not make me happy?


No wonder it can be hard to know what to do.


In each case, the puzzle is unique. My goal is to help you assemble your own puzzle taking into account your personality, your aspirations for the future and the trends that define the market today.

There are a variety of factors that influence our career decision. These are the ones most frequently mentioned by my clients:


Executive MBA degree from Said Business School Oxford University and a MA in Philosophy from Birkbeck University. 25 years of work experience with global media leaders such as Discovery Networks, Hachette, and Condé Nast, as well as a number of technology start-ups and scale-ups in the SaaS space. I have been living in London since 2009, now with my husband and daughter. Engaged with the Prince's Trust as a business mentor. I keep working as a marketer in the technology space today, which keeps my coaching and mentoring services reality-checked.

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